Butterfly touch massage

Light and delicate, like the brush of a butterfly’s wings. Butterfly Touch Massage is one of the Gentle Bio-Energetics therapy techniques and was developed by physician Dr. Eva Reich, whose father, Wilhelm Reich, introduced the method of bodywork to the Western world of psychotherapy. Butterfly Touch Massage is a very gentle touch used to dissolve armor, heal traumatic experiences, release blockages and restore the flow of energy. The touch during the massage is very light and delicate, like the brush of a butterfly’s wings, and the massage itself is performed through clothing or directly on the skin. Eva believed that traumatic memories stored in the body could be released with a very gentle touch. The more subtle the touch, the stronger the effect. The massage is very simple and its simplicity is what gives such great results. The massage is short and repetitive. It can be performed once a day or once a week. Originally developed to help build the bond between parents and children, massage has evolved into a tool supporting health and development from conception to death. The massage session lasts about 20 minutes. It is worth using several treatments at short intervals and before or after difficult life events. Massage application: Newborns, infants and children It helps the mother relax during childbirth and regenerate after giving birth It helps expand the baby’s energy and integrate the birth experience It renews the bond lost as a result of the separation of mother and infant Helps mother/father bond with baby/child It helps adopted children establish relationships with their parents Helps cope with childhood trauma, illness, pain, hyperactivity and sleep problems It has a relaxing effect on babies with colic Adults: Heals memories of primary trauma. Dissolves armor and restores the natural flow of life energy. It facilitates the establishment of bonds between partners, parents and children. Rebuilds energy after an accident/illness. It improves the quality of life of people in hospice. It relieves the symptoms of stress, promotes relaxation, and improves the functioning of the body. Provides comfort when feeling pain. It makes it easier to establish contact with your own body. Helps victims of violence. Helps people staying in hospitals and hospices.