Project Venus

Venus is a project which took place from March until September 2018. It is a journey into women emotions experienced through life from the day we are born until the last day. It also shows a unique relationship and connection between women.

The project was open for the public within the polish community, all dancers are amateurs. It is not only a dance project but it turned into a beautiful and life-changing experience for each one of us, but also we became very close friends. The movie is a documentary from the premiere 29.09.2018 in Belltable Limerick during Polish Art Festival

  • Choreographers, and project owners – Aleksandra Styka and Ewa Kotula
  • Movie director – Piotr Szczepaniak
  • 2nd camera – Liliana Wojciechowska

Phantasmagory Dance Theatre

The Fantasmagoria Dance Theater, led by Ewa Kotuła and Aleksandra Styka, is a group of people for whom movement and body are a tool for expressing themselves. Each class is a meeting, first of all, with oneself – with the world of one’s experiences, desires, feelings and emotions. Together, we learn to discover them, name them, sometimes bring them out, and sometimes tame them, in order to be able to dress them in the most beautiful story which is dance.

Videos recorded during Performance Night in Bell Table Limerick , Polish Art Festival 2019 (full description in a YouTube video link), Video Liliana Wojciechowska

The Soul

The performance took a place during the Polish Art Festival in Ball Table Limerick 2018. Does the human soul and body always perform in perfect harmony, or maybe struggle? Who leads the body or soul? what type of dialogue occurs between those two?
  • Choreography – Ewa Kotula
  • Performers – Ewa Kotula and Dora Gola
  • Music – “We Are Free “, violin cover by Taylor Davis, Original song “Now we are free” by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerard
  • Video – Liliana Wojciechowska and Piotr Szczepaniak