Ewa Kotula

Certified TRE provider, choreographer, dance instructor, choreotherapist, artist

Ewa has over 15 years’ experience working in the dance field, teaching children and adults.

She accomplished academic education in Pedagogy, Psychology, Art and Dance

Working with people through movement and emotions is Ewe’s passion and vocation.

Certified Eurythmics Instructor 2020

Psychomotor activities and games for children and elderly people training 2020

MA in Social Practice and Creative Environment, Limerick Art College 2015 – LIT

UMCS Lublin – Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, Culture Animator specializing in dance 2007

Certified provider of the TRE 2020 method – trauma and tension release exercises.

Choreotherapist / dance therapist 2018.

Winner of the Outstanding Pole in the field of Culture 2018.

Artistic Director of Kupała Night in Limerick.

A dance teacher Polish School SPK Limerick since 2012.

Author of the dance projects “the Soul”, “Mapping Feelings”

Co-founder, choreographer of the VENUS dance project for women in Limerick 2017 – 2018.

Co-founder, instructor and choreographer of the Phantasmagoria Dance Group in Limerick.

She has been involved in dance since the age of 7, when she began studying in the Astra ballroom dance formation in Opole Lubelskie, in later years she also joined the “Kluczkowice” Folk dance group. Together with the ensemble, she has represented Poland many times at international dance festivals. While at university, she worked as a dance instructor and cultural educational worker at the Cultural Center in Laziska. She has been working as a dance teacher since 2007, teaching children and adults.

Ewa is professionally active in the cultural and artistic environment.


She loves spending time with people, listening to music, walking in nature with her Jack Russel Chilli