Choreotherapy/ Therapeutic dance movement

What is Therapeutic dance? It is simply freedom of movement, expression, staying in contact with your body. By accepting your spontaneous expressions your body releases a huge amount of tension, increases the level of serotonin, deepens contact with yourself and others. You will enhance your empathy, curiosity, improve your creativity, heal your inner child and more. It is recommended for people who like to spend some quality time with self and others, who like to release stress and tension, like music, for anxious and depressed, with Parkinson, ADHD, autistic

During choreotherapy classes, you will learn to come back to yourself, because you are the most important!! Through properly selected psychomotor exercises, stimulating the senses and relaxing exercises you will let your body tell the most beautiful, true stories.

During that class, you work individually, in couples, in a group .

We use ribbons, scarfs, sometimes we draw, but most of all we just have fun <3

Class starts with worm up, ends with auto massage, relaxation meditation with the use of essential oils

You don’t have to know how to dance here, every movement is important and real, music only helps to release the tension and body blockades. Here you can be yourself through free expression, no one will judge you, isn’t it beautiful?

Available: group sessions

Individual sessions, workshops for parents and children, also workshop for couples